Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016


Message from Tsunehisa Morisawa, Judge of Akashi Award

March 29, 2016

 Tsunehisa Morisawa (Judges’ page)

There are an incredibly large number of elements that go into typeface design, and there can be subtle differences on which aspects are given priority, depending on the individual designer. Consistent effort and attention to detail are essential to achieving typeface designs that are both extremely easy to read and visually appealing, and to generating works that can be utilized as examples by creative personnel. We look forward to seeing a variety of typeface designs artfully designed to convey the enthusiasm of the designer―whether they are works that incorporate graphic design elements or works that primarily showcase text.

The sum total of your entries comprises an invaluable body of work that serves the purpose of boosting typeface design as a field. It is our hope that this typeface design competition puts a focus on the work of typeface designers everywhere, and that it will help to spark interest and progress in the field in general.


What is Akashi Award?
At Akashi Award, entry works are to be judged for typeface designs appropriate for commercialization by Morisawa Inc.
The name of Akashi Award is from Akashi City (Hyogo Pref.) which is the address of Morisawa Bunken Inc. that is assuming a large role in creating Morisawa Fonts.
All judges of Kanji and Latin category will choose nominees for Akashi Award.

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