Morisawa Type Design Competition 2019


The final result of Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016

We are pleased to announce the final result of Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016.

From 49 countries and regions around the world, a total of 739 works(205 works for Kanji category and 534 works for Latin category) was applied.

On November 9th and 10th, the jury met in Head office of Morisawa Inc., Osaka to choose Morisawa Award, which calls for typeface designs with creativity and aesthetic excellence of design, and Akashi Award, which solicits proposals for commercialization by Morisawa. Also, 1st and 2nd prize of Peopleʼs Choice were elected by voting of general public.

We would like to express our appreciation to all of you who submitted your works and joined Peopleʼs Choice.

The portfolio book will be published next spring and we will keep updating the related information on this website.



Kanji Category, Morisawa Award

Gold Prize
Shimanami by Junko Matsumura (Japan)

Silver Prize
tsukibae by Naoko Ozawa (Japan)

Bronze Prize
Natsume M / B by Aki Toyoshima (Japan)


Honorable Mentions
(from left to right)
Gan Kaisho by Miki Ooba (Japan)
tgk02 by Yokokaku (Japan)
Kuretonbo by Ryotaro Tada (Japan)


Latin Category, Morisawa Award

Gold Prize
Vonk Regular / Italic by Bart Vollebregt (Netherlands)

Silver Prize
Rododendron by Jitka Janeckova (Czech Republic)

Bronze Prize
Abelha by Michel Derre & Julien Priez (France)


Honorable Mentions
Edna by Reymund Schroeder (Germany)
Newline by Christian Mengelt (Switzerland)
TroisMille by Marc Rouault (France)


Kanji Category, Akashi Award

Shimanami by Junko Matsumura (Japan)


Latin Category, Akashi Award

Vonk Regular / Italic by Bart Vollebregt (Netherlands)



Kanji Category, People’s Choice

1st (left)
Madori font by Sayaka Takegami (Japan)
2nd (right)
Ruitai by Chung Lieh Yang (Taiwan)


Latin Category, People’s Choice

Legilux by Antonia Cornelius (Germany)
Untitled by Desmond Wong (United States of America)


The ID of finalists that has been elected to the final review are as follows (numerical order) .

Kanji Category

JA00005 Keitaro Hiraki
JA00007 Yuji Nishioka
JA00071 Yoshiharu Osaki
JA00144 Daisuke Fukushi
JA00155 Codama Aya
JA00172 Hirofumi Abe
JA00197 Yoshihiko Toya
JA00267 Peggy Chen
JA00290 Yong Hui Ying
JA00299 Ganta Uchikiba
J000301 Hiroe Shinkai
JA00306 Eishu Ohno
JA00323 Wen Wang
J000335 Han-yi Shaw

Latin Category

L000021 Ryoichi Tsunekawa
LA00028 / LA00029 Micah Hahn
L000112 Vaibhav Singh
L000148 / L000149 / L000150 / L000151 / L000152 / L000153 Oscar Guerrero Canizares
L000258 / L000558 / L000559 / L000560 / L000561 / L000562 Sebastian McLauchlan
LA00285 Sergio Trujillo
L000336 Daria Petrova
L000347 / L000623 / L000624 Inga Plönnigs
LA00353 / LA00354 Ryuichi Tateno
L000416 Norbert Krausz
LA00499 Tibor Szikora
L000539 Daniel Frumhoff
LA00541 María Ramos
L000557 Jonathan Cuervo
L000632 Olga Efimenko
L000643 Dorine Sauzet