Morisawa Type Design Competition 2019


The final result of Morisawa Type Design Competition 2014

We are pleased to announce the final result of the Morisawa Type Design Competition 2014.
From 24 countries and regions around the world, a total of 386 works(135 works for Kanji category and 251 works for Latin category) was applied.

On November 4th and 5th, the jury met in Head office of Morisawa Inc., Osaka to choose Morisawa Award and Akashi Award both for Kanji and Latin Category. Also, 1st and 2nd prize of Peopleʼs Choice were elected by voting of general public.
We would like to express our appreciation to all of you who submitted your works and joined Peopleʼs Choice.
On this website, we will keep updating the related information about the competition.

Kanji Category, Morisawa Award

(From left)
Gold Prize
わかつき丸ゴシック Wakatsuki Maru Gothic
Koichi Namimoto, Japan

Silver Prize
陰翳明朝體 In Ei Ming-cho-tai
Chikao Ito, Japan

Bronze Prize
重陽 Cho-yo
Giichi Okazaki, Japan


Honorable Mention (Left)
ハーモニー Harmony
Tomomi Kanda, Japan

Honorable Mention (Upper right)
幾何 Geometrika
Albert Chan, Hong Kong

Honorable Mention (Lower right)
四万十明朝イタリックかな Shimanto Ming-cho Italic Kana
Yoshimasa Otsubo, Japan


Latin Category, Morisawa Award

Gold Prize
Elí Castellanos, Mexico


Silver Prize
Chimera Text / Text Italic / Display Bold / Display Bold Italic / Display Black
Maria Doreuli, Russia


Bronze Prize
Koichi Namimoto, Japan


Honorable Mention
Nurraq Light / Light Italic / Regular / Italic
Étienne Aubert Bonn, Canada


Honorable Mention
Alcedo Regular / Medium
Kunihiko Okano, Japan


Honorable Mention
Flipper thin / thin italic
Craig Eliason, U.S.A.


Kanji Category, Akashi Award

北原行書 Kitahara Gyosho
Hirofumi Iguchi & Birei Kitahara, Japan


Latin Category, Akashi Award

Koichi Namimoto, Japan


Kanji Category, People’s Choice

1st (Left)
五葉体 Go-yo-tai
Sanae Harayama, Japan

2nd (Right)
えんそく En-so-ku
Aki Toyoshima, Japan


Latin Category, People’s Choice

1st (Upper)
Reymund Schroeder, Germany

2nd (Lower)
GHEA Narek Display
Edik Ghabuzyan, Armenia


The ID of finalists that has been elected to the final review are as follows (numerical order) ;
J001016, J001027, J001063, J001091, J001126
JA01008, JA01026, JA01036, JA01038, JA01050
JA01058, JA01084, JA01087, JA01107, JA01108
JA01118, JA01121, JA01122, JA01142, JA01153
JA01159, JA01162, JA01163, JA01164, JA01177

L001008, L001079, L001081, L001135, L001137
L001141, L001246, L001277, LA01090, LA01191
LA01225, LA01288

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