Morisawa Award and Fan Favorite

Size of entry sheets
Entry sheets must be A3 in size (297mm x 420mm).
Free Presentation
In free presentation sheet, you are free to use any character size and to set any way you want. However, names of entrants, their membership organizations and typefaces should not be appeared in the sentence. Using the existing typefaces is also prohibited.
Graphics, photos, and other non-typeface elements cannot be used.
Additionally, texts or names related to other companies’ rights, such as trademarks and works, are also not permissible.
How do I submit a font family?
If you are considering applying as a family, please use a dedicated ID. Include that ID for each weight and style, and submit them as separate entries.
How do I choose black color?
Your entry works will be printed for the screening process.
In Entry Requirements, the format is set as:

“Blank Space must be white and typeface color must be black (K100%) only”
To make preparation for judgement be proceeded smoothly, please refrain the use of RGB or CMY, and use K100% only. Please check that a halftone dot does not occur in your printed work.

Do you accept my handwriting?
Yes. Please check out the Entry Requirements:

“Scanned image must have resolution of at least 600 dpi. This is necessary to ensure that quality of entries can be fairly judged.”

Regading the designated characters for Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Hangeul
The alphabet letters is optional, not required, in Morisawa Award and Fan Favorite .


Submission fee
Is there any limitation for the number of submissions?
There is no limit to the number of submissions per entrant.
Entrants are allowed to enter multiple categories.
The competition is open to any individual, group or nationality.
Employees of Morisawa Inc. and its group companies are not eligible to enter.
Registration will be opened in
Please check your spam mailbox whether the confirmation mail was misclassified, or create your account with your another email address. If you still failed to create the account, please let us know through the contact form.
Can I use a pseudonym or the team name?
You may submit your entry under a different name than the one used for registration. Please fill in your name in the entrants name field that appears after you have submitted your work.
Any trouble about uploading?
If you have trouble with uploading, please try following processes;
1) If you applied some securities to your file, please unlock all of it.
2) Please update your browser to the latest version or try other browsers.
Copyrights and Other Rights
Those submitting their designs to the competition retain the copyrights for their works. However, with regard to commercialization of all prize-winning and finalist works Morisawa Inc. shall have priority rights for negotiation for 6 months starting from the date of the result announcement.
Please refer to the submission guidelines in details.
Updates of Entry Requirement
Please click here for the latest Entry Requirements.
If you have further questions, please contact us.