Online Special Seminar “Motivating Timeless Creativity” Now Available

Morisawa Inc, in celebration of the upcoming Morisawa Type Design Competition 2024, has released three special online seminar videos for free.

Under the theme “Motivating Timeless Creativity,” three speakers discuss the creation and significance of typefaces that reflect their times and remain beloved across generations.

■ Seminar Content

Toshi Omagari: “Typeface Design Quick Tips

Toshi Omagari, who has designed typefaces for various languages including Latin scripts, shares practical tips and techniques for typeface design using specific tools.

Noheul Lee: “How Type Design Impacts My Life

 Noheul Lee, who won the Latin category of the 2019 Morisawa Type Design Competition with the typeface “Areon,” discusses the breadth of type design and her professional background, including how she goes about developing multilingual designs.

Matthew Carter: “Timeless in a Time of Change”

Matthew Carter, a emeritus judge for the Morisawa Type Design Competition 2024, discusses the design and philosophy behind timeless typefaces.

Note: The seminars are conducted in English. For other languages, please enable subtitles.

Updates will be posted on the official website as well as on the following social media accounts for the “Morisawa Type Design Competition”: